Year Two

May 1st, 2000: Lee interviews Ginny about Quidditch for the wireless.
May 5th, 2000: With a bit of subterfuge, Ginny spends the weekend at Harry's.
June 2nd, 2000: Ginny flies, practices, and thinks.
June 16th, 2000: Percy owls the family about getting together.
June 24th, 2000: Percy breaks the news to the family.
July 12th, 2000: Ginny has a dance party with Seamus at the Junk Shop.
July 13th, 2000: Ginny has dinner with Harry.
July 15th, 2000: Ginny has a talk with Molly about finding a flat of her own.
July 21st, 2000: Ginny runs into Hermione at The Leaky and they catch up.
July 19th, 2000: Hermione owls invitations to Harry's birthday party.
July 31st, 2000: Harry's birthday party.
August 6th, 2000: The attack on Diagon Alley. The full moon brings out the wolves.
August 8th, 2000: After getting bandaged up, Ginny visits Ron in St. Mungo's.
August 11th, 2000: In an attempt to put the attack out of her mind, Ginny goes to look for flats.
August 12th, 2000: Ron owls Ginny for some advice.
August 13th, 2000: Neville owls everyone about a get-together.
August 15th, 2000: Harpies vs. United.
August 15th, 2000: Ginny invites the gang for a housewarming party at her new flat.

One Year Anniversary

It's been a year since we started at post_bellum!

Ginny Weasley started the game unsure of where life would take her. She took a job helping George at the joke shop and moved back home to the Burrow. Things are sometimes tense there, as she and Molly are both headstrong and can bump heads over things, but she hasn't seriously entertained moving out. Mentally, Ginny tries to be a rock for her family, and she isn't sure how moving out of the Burrow will upset the balance of things at home. She also started the game working on her relationship to Percy and attempting to stay in touch with her brothers. She was (and still is) very concerned about making sure they stay together as a family, particularly after Fred's death.

Ginny tried out for the Harpies and made the reserve team for them this past season. It took up a lot of time, but she loved the whole experience and showed a lot of promise on the pitch. She's had some regrets about the time commitment, but ultimately wouldn't trade the experience for the world. Quidditch is really her number one love right now.

Her love life is a bit nebulous. She and Harry have had a "thing" going on for a while now - undefined, but in Ginny's mind, she's not interested in anyone else. She doesn't know where it's going, but she cares for Harry a lot. She content with letting things develop as they are, particularly since the two of them are very busy.

Ginny was also involved slightly with the plan to rescue Cho and Katie, however, she's still dealing with a lot of repressed emotions over the whole situation. She realized rationally she was not trained to fight against Fenrir and she'd be more of a liability if she'd gone with the group. The whole experience brought back nightmares for her, and she's finally stopped being mad at George and Percy, although if the subject came up, she would probably work herself into a temper over it again. She's repressed a lot of her feelings about the diary, Fred's death, and the fight against Fenrir, and one of these days she's going to realize that she doesn't have to be strong all the time. For now, though, repression is working just fine.

May 19th, 1999: Ginny and Harry revise for exams.
May 21st, 1999: Ginny revises in the Common Room.
May 27th, 1999: Ginny owls Percy and George.
May 30th, 1999: Harry, Ron, and Ginny prepare for the night's activities..
May 30th, 1999: End of exams party in Gryffindor tower.
May 31st, 1999: The Leaving Feast.
June 1st, 1999: Harry and others take their last train ride from Hogwarts to London..
June 4th, 1999: Ginny brings over some housewarming gifts for Harry and Hermione from Mrs. Weasley.
June 8th, 1999: Percy prepares the flat for his date with Cho, and Ginny checks up on him.
June 9th, 1999: Ginny's first day at the shoppe.
June 13th, 1999: Ginny runs into Dennis at Diagon Alley.
June 15th, 1999: Charlie writes his younger sibs.
June 19th, 1999: The Weasley siblings and some friends get together for Quidditch and a campfire.
June 27th, 1999: Dennis owls Ginny.
June 30th, 1999: Ginny gets a drink at the Leaky and runs into Hermione.
June 30th, 1999: Percy invites Ginny to the Hungry Ghost Festival in Chinatown.
July 1st, 1999: Dennis stops in to see Ginny about a party.
July 7th, 1999: Ginny goes to the festival with Percy, Cho, and George.
July 25th, 1999: Ginny takes flight and thinks.
July 28th, 1999: Dennis owls Ginny.
July 31st, 1999: Ginny helps Harry celebrate his birthday.
August 2nd, 1999: Percy owls his siblings.
August 3rd, 1999: Ginny runs into Percy shopping for his weekend with Cho.
August 9th, 1999: The Gruffindors have a potluck at the Burrow.
August 11th, 1999: Harry owls Ginny for her birthday and for a date.
August 11th, 1999: Charlie owls Ginny for her birthday.
August 11th, 1999: Percy owls Ginny for her birthday.
August 11th, 1999: George owls Ginny for her birthday.
August 11th, 1999: Dennis owls Ginny for her birthday.
August 11th, 1999: Harry takes Ginny out for her birthday.
August 11th, 1999: Neville owls Ginny for her birthday.
August 11th, 1999: Seamus owls Ginny for her birthday.
August 11th, 1999: Cho owls Ginny for her birthday.
August 11th, 1999: Hermione owls Ginny for her birthday.
August 21st, 1999: Gwenog and her teammates host tryouts.
August 22nd, 1999: Hopefuls play with the Holyhead Harpies and final cuts are made.
August 26th, 1999: Dennis owls Ginny for some advice.
September 19th, 1999: The gang celebrates Hermione's birthday at the Burrow.
October 7th, 1999: Ginny shows Harry around her home turf.
October 20th, 1999: Ginny owls her brothers to catch up.
October 22nd, 1999: Ginny heads out to the Leaky and runs into Ron.
October 23rd, 1999: Ginny comes home late from practice and owls Harry.
November 3rd, 1999: Ron owls Ginny to let her know about the breakup.
December 20th, 1999: Harry and Hermione host a holiday party.
December 23rd, 1999: Ginny thinks that George is up to no good. She's right.
December 25th, 1999: Ginny sends out a few Christmas owls.
December 27th, 1999: Friends of St. Mungo's fund raiser for The Janus Thickey Ward refurbishment at St. Mungo's Hospital.
January 8th, 2000: Ginny visits Athena.
January 25th, 2000: Redheads throw good shindigs.
February 15th, 2000: Ginny has a run-in with Malfoy.
February 16th, 2000: Ginny and Bill meet for lunch at the Leaky.
February 18th, 2000: Ginny and Harry spend a quiet evening at Grimmauld Place.
February 21st, 2000: The DA has a get-together.
April 2nd, 2000: Ginny tries to prank George for his birthday.
April 12th, 2000: Ginny receives an Easter basket from Hermione.
April 12th, 2000: Ginny receives an Easter basket from Mum.
April 22nd, 2000: Ginny and George grab a pint for his belated birthday.
April 29th, 2000: Lee sends Ginny an interview request.
April 29th, 2000: Ginny and Hermione hang out at Grimmauld Place and catch up.